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Alt J Window

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Subject: Alt J Window
From: kf3p@cais.cais.com (Tyler Stewart)
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 1995 02:01:42 -0400
>In our W2SZ/1 multi-multi effort we use the ALT-J window to allow other ops
>on the network to know our freq and send skeds and passes.  On some bands
>we use two computers, e.g. one on FM and one on SSB/CW.  In that case the
>ALT J window will alternate between the two freqs.  Is there anyway to slow
>down the window in switching between the two freqs to make it more readable
>for the op?
>Ed Parish

The way we handle this at K3MQH is to use the CT option -nf on the FM ]
computer...this keeps it from putting it's freq on the network, so all other
computers will only see the SSB computer's freq.  Then we use the PASSFREQ
command to input the FM freq.  We rarely pass to anything other than the
run freq., so that's usually not a problem...if so we just send a talk 
message to the op....Sure wish Ken would fix that blasted decimal error in
the frequency window!  That and a grid mult check of some sort are sorely
needed!  73, Tyler

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