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DVP with Multiops

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Subject: DVP with Multiops
From: 74503.53@compuserve.com (Jim Stockwell)
Date: 05 Oct 95 00:10:11 EDT
> would prefer that people jsut skip the letter pairs.  It takes a 
>LONG time just to set up one set so it sounds (somewhat) natural.  
>I can't even imagine how bad it would sound if each op tried to do 
>their own.  I have gotten so I don't even bother working guys who
>don't take the time to set it up properly.......


When you work us  DVP sounding good and hear from you during the CQP.  I beleive
that using the pairs helps to make the DVP sound more natural.  I was hoping
K1EA would see this and consider making a change so that multi-ops could have
their personal pairs.

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