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Subject: Support
From: 0006364621@mcimail.com (Hans Brakob)
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 95 00:19 EST
About a week ago I reported an apparent conflict between my CT upgrade
and my computer.  
As is usual on a user forum, a _LOT_ of folks stepped forward to help,
and a discussion of possible reasons developed as folks compared notes

(It doesn't work here.....  It works just fine here....  Check this....
Maybe it's ECP....  etc....)
A _FEW_ folks decided this was a good opportunity to publicly vent
their level of dis-satisfaction with product support issues.
The author felt compelled to explain some simple economics "facts of
life" related to low volume, semi-sideline, software products (which
I happen to agree with).
Next we have lectures on "Free Market 101" on the remailer.

Makes me sorry I asked!  Can we get back to an attitude of helping/
coaching/and mutual support for each others problems and questions
on this venue, and move your complaints to a more direct channel to
the vendor?  Last time I checked, the documents list a direct voice
phone, a fax number, a dedicated BBS, and an internet address. Don't
complain to the rest of us here on the remailer. We can't help you
with the support strategy of Harvard Radio.
CT is a complex piece of code, and has been a godsend to the contesting
community. The price is a pittance compared to other "specialized"
products with a narrow target markets. At these prices, don't expect
the author to "stop the shop" to fix a non-lethal defect, especially
when there is an easy workaround (as there is in this case).
Soapbox off.
73, de Hans, K0HB

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