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WIN95 and CT

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Subject: WIN95 and CT
From: bsimonson@comcastpc.com (bsimonson@comcastpc.com)
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 20:18:57 -0500
For all who replied to my help requests, a gracious thank you.  

As it turned out, and as I finally figured out, the problem was not with the
CT or the hardware (since it did work properly under WIN95) but rather with
the Dell BIOS not recognizing com 2 in DOS.  The BIOS had apparently gotten
corrupted. I solved the problem by downloading a copy of the BIOS from
Dell's www page and reflashing.  Everything now works properly, and it only
took about 5 minutes to fix (unfortunately it took about a week to

Thanks again
Beryl D. Simonson KE3GA   
H(610) 664-0549 bsimonson@comcastpc.com
O(215) 765-4600 bsimonson@slfcpa.com
Frankford Radio Club

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