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Subject: IS CT BBS YET ON ??
From: ik0hbn@isa.it (Sante ( IK0HBN ))
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 06:12:35 +0200
I purchased one months ago with credit card the latest version of CT 9.
After a couples of weeks the long waited package arrived...I openned with a
bit of avidity..and I found inside the version 9.26...! Isn't 9.27 the
latest from a lot of months? A bit disappointed I decided so to download the
real latest one from CT BBS....I know, telephone fares are very expensive in
Italy, but I could like to have the latest: I registered myself at BBS....I
choosed a password, left a message to ken asking to be abilitated to
download the 9.27. Well, ten days has passed, but always server bbs
continues to say that I am not registered as CT user....hi.
Now it's much....hi. Try and understand me....waiting package from U.S.A. I
mentally taste the 9.27 running on huge pile up from States, keying my IC
765, telling me when sunrise happens on JA....and now...sigh, I am
considered a NOT user..hi hi.
What do you suggest I have to do?
All helps will be greatly appreciated here...
See you in pile up.....
Ciao Sante

Localita' Saineta, 3
01030 Bassano in Teverina (VT) Italy
home telephone: +39 (0) 761-407543  (FAX on request)
E-mail: ik0hbn@isa.it
packet adr: IK0HBN@I0INU.IUMB.ITA.EU
DX cluster : IK0HBN > I0JBL-6

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