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[ct-user] WRITELOG Crash

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Subject: [ct-user] WRITELOG Crash
From: Setzler, James M" <Setzler_James_M@fs811.npt.nuwc.navy.mil (Setzler, James M)
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 09:49:01 -0400
I've experienced exactly the same thing.  I'm using CT v9.26.   It
crashed during the last part of report generation using WRITELOG after
WPX.   It did not crash after ARRL DX, SS,  10meter, or any other
contest used for recently.  

The crash appears to occur during the creation of the callsign.LOG
report (not that I guess it's needed for the WPX log submission).  In my
case, K1SD.LOG was created, but is empty.  If I use WRITEARRL instead of
 WRITELOG, the same thing happens, with the same error codes that Scott
describes.   WRITECLIST does nothing either;  doesn't crash or generate
reports (not sure if it should for WPX).

I didn't add any new prefixes or countries during the test.  Other than
the crash during WRITELOG, CTv9.26 apprears to have performed

Any clues???

73 James / k1sd

>>   setzler_james_m@fs811.npt.nuwc.navy.mil   << 

>From:  k7zo@micron.net
>Sent:  Sunday, April 6, 1997 8:45 AM
>To:    CT-USER@ve7tcp.ampr.org
>Subject:       [ct-user] WRITELOG Crash
>I am processing my WPX Phone logs and keep getting 
>crashes in the middle of the WRITELOG process. The
>message I get is:
>Interrupt 0DH, General Protection Fault, possible
>illegal addressation.
>Error Code = 0000
>and then a table of what I assume are register
>This crash appears to come during the process of
>creating the .LOG file. The .ALL, .DUP, .SUM,
>.MUL, .BAD, .BRK, and all the band breakouts
>are completed. I did not get any country or
>continent files.
>Does anyone have any idea?
>Scott/K7ZO k7zo@micron.net
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