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[ct-user] FW: CT with Ethernet

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Subject: [ct-user] FW: CT with Ethernet
From: Terry Price <wd8isk@erols.com> (Terry Price)
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 22:45:39 -0400
Mike and group,

There is no guarantee that this will work. K1TTTs ethernet drivers are
based on generic packet drivers which are historically "monolithic"
drivers. They do not conform to the ODI or NDIS specs for loading
multiple drivers at once. It *may* work, or it may be unstable. I have
not tested to see if these packets pass through a Novell server
configured for TCP/IP routing, my guess is they won't as they are
basically broadcast packets.

I would load both drivers "with caution". A much better approach would
be to install 2 ethernet cards in the machines and load the Netware
drivers on one and the packet drivers on another. Cards are cheap and
they can be tied together with coax or through a 10T hub.

It would be great if Dave Robbins would write a set of drivers using a
higher level protocol such as IPX or TCP, however this would be ALOT
more involved that the existing drivers which work great.

Terry Price

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