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[ct-user] CT942 beta available in CTVAULT

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Subject: [ct-user] CT942 beta available in CTVAULT
From: alsopb <alsopb@gloryroad.net> (alsopb)
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 19:51:15 +0000

Have done some limited testing.  There is a real
problem with obtaining and setting frequencies of
the radio.

Set up :  Radio 1 is a TS850 which I have called
TS440 since selecting TS850 for the radio in
previous versions didn't work.  It is on COM1.

1) CT does not pick up the band the rig is on upon
startup.  It defaults to 20M.  After some random
keypresses it finds the rig freq.

2) Trying to reset the band via radio does work.

3) Typing in a frequency does change the band
displacyed in CT BUT NOT THE RADIO band.

4) The alt-function keys change the frequency in

Hope this helps.  Will play more.

73 de Brian/K3KO

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