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[ct-user] Version 9.40 and 9.42 problems

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Subject: [ct-user] Version 9.40 and 9.42 problems
From: Don Anastasia <Don81@ix.netcom.com> (Don Anastasia)
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 01:06:12 -0700
I tried downloading ver's. 9.40 and 9.42 from the internet.  For some
reason, when I go
to run the programs they will not launch properly.  On version 9.42  I
get a "stack overflow" error.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Im
using a pentium 90 with windows 95.  Trying to execute the programs from
the dos window.  Any input would be welcome - Tnx - Don - AA6W.

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