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[ct-user] LPT Keying Cable? Problem

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Subject: [ct-user] LPT Keying Cable? Problem
From: Frank Grossman <71042.1303@compuserve.com> (Frank Grossman)
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 00:20:29 -0400
Hi Bob...

>>What is the solution ?
What was positive - what was negative ??<<

My Dad, Harry, W2LOZ <grossmanzz@aol.com>, actually gets the credit for the 
heavy lifting in terms doing the wiring and measurements following the 
suggestions I got from the list.  The shack is in his apartment, and I'm not 
there much of the time.

Anyway, here's how he explained it to me when he finally got the W1WEF keyer 
to work:  The IC-765, and probably many other radios, are wired for positive 
keying.  All the keyers and interfaces in the shack work fine this way, even 
though some are actually hooked up to key negative, and theoretically 
shouldn't work.  Only W1WEF's transistor is fussy and must have the correct 
polarity to work properly. A jury rigged cord worked, so, my Dad is wiring up 
a reversing cord so for a permanent fix.

Hopefully, I've explained it better now...


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