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[ct-user] DVP Board & OMNI VI

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Subject: [ct-user] DVP Board & OMNI VI
From: knut.baczko@t-online.de (Prof. Baczko) (Prof. Baczko)
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2000 10:20:16 +0200
I am trying to get an OMNI VI working together with the DVP board.
The problem is that  nothing is recorded from the microphone, when one
uses the OMNI microphone (PTT works, recording from the radio works).
When I use a headset/microphone combination I have to put the mike gain
and processor full up to get something recorded, but it is bad audio
All cables are ok and double checked.
One problem could be that the DVP board uses different grounds for PTT
and MIC, but
the OMNI has only one common.
Is there anybody who used successfully the OMNI and the DVP board?
Unfortunately there is practically no help from AA1ND and that there
isno circuit
diagram for the DVP board available.
Help would be much appreciated.
73 Knut DK5AD/OE2BZL

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