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[ct-user] 9.57 & wpx band log problem

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Subject: [ct-user] 9.57 & wpx band log problem
From: Kneedraggerdave@aol.com (Kneedraggerdave@aol.com)
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 21:41:54 EDT
Second attempt at sending?  1st one "bounced" for unknown reasons...

Using 9.57 during WPX, I ran the contest on a wim starting an hour late, & 
>haven't run any contests in awhile -so you could say I was in a hurry & did 
>not prep...
>Shortly after starting I notice the band is on 20m even though I stated in 
>the setup I was running Single Band (10m) & low power.  I was able to switch 
>the display via Alt-F2 down to 10m, but upon entering another contact it 
>would switch back to 20m on the display immediately. 
>This is how I discovered CT & the rig were not talking.  No amount of setup 
>during the contest allowed the s/w to talk to the rig.  So, you could say Op 
>error from being out of practice & lack of prep, and not having run CT on 
>this rig before (IC-756.)
>Now the whole log shows 20m instead of 10m.  Anyone know how I can change 
>whole log to reflect actual band used?  Or do I need to edit the whole log 
>(630 Q's) ??
>Thanks all & 73, 
>de Dave K6JOX

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