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[ct-user] Need SO2R Help Please

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Subject: [ct-user] Need SO2R Help Please
From: Dennis Brickey" <n4dd@preferred.com (Dennis Brickey)
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 13:32:55 -0400
Hello Folks,

I would love to learn the art of SO2R ala CT.  I need someone to please tell
the proper connections required for computer control of both radios.  That
mean band changing, tracking, keying, etc via the CT software. Surely this
is possible
I asked this question several months ago and received  a CAD drawng but I
no software with which to display the draft.  There was some discussion of
electronics, building a box, etc, But I am basically ignorant to these
and techniques.  If I had a picture or an Elmer, I could, perhaps, get this
project up and
going. I thought of using two computers and two monitors and networking them
together, but heck, that takes up a lot of desk space.  Is there someone out
there that
would be kind enough to lend a hand?  Patience will be a plus. Thanks to
who can get me on my way!!!

Best Regards!

Dennis Brickey/ N4DD

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