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Subject: [ct-user] CT 9.91 available
From: "Ken Wolff" <ken@k1ea.com>
Reply-to: Ken Wolff <ken@k1ea.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 17:32:45 -0400
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CQWW is coming soon. Please beat up this version so we can fix before October.

9.91.001 9/22/03

* Fixed CW paddle sending

* fixed empty F9 and F10 windows in WAE SSB

* fixed "mult needed" in WAE

* qsy from keyboard and point and shoot now sets proper sideband in SSB 

* there is a new text command: "GABTIMEOUT", or "SETGAB". If the timeout is 
set to -1 or "FOREVER", the gab window will never time out. If it is set to 0, 
the default 15 second timeout is used. Otherwise, the timeout is in seconds.

* single digit serial numbers (1 - 9) are now sent at TT1, TT2...TT9. I have
operated several Sprints and like it this way. I hope you do too.

* added new test command "WRITECAB". Use this to create Cabrillo output 
without making all the other output files

* Fixed QTC passing over the network for European stations

73, Ken K1EA

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