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Re: [ct-user] NEQP Logs and TQSL

To: Al - N1API <n1api@cox.net>,CT Discussion List <ct-user@contesting.com>
Subject: Re: [ct-user] NEQP Logs and TQSL
From: Jim Reisert AD1C <jjreisert@alum.mit.edu>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 06:35:52 -0400
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At 05:39 AM 5/25/2004, Al - N1API wrote:

Anyone know how to make TQSL sign an NEQP log. It does not like the name NE-QSO-PARTY when you try to add it to
TQSL. Or should I just email the raw N1API.LOG file too the Logbook of the World email address and let them add it?

Al, convert the log to ADIF using the utility on www.k1ea.com (follow the ADIF link). LoTW prefers ADIF but will accept Cabrillo.

73 - Jim AD1C

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