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[ct-user] help with DXTelnet and DOS

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Subject: [ct-user] help with DXTelnet and DOS
From: "Stuart Santelmann KC1F" <kc1f@adelphia.net>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 04:57:13 -0000
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    I have followed the instructions for DXTelnet, running it on a second 
computer through Windows, null modem adaptor on the DB9 cable, com port set up 
etc, and it's running OK on the Windows computer but no luck getting spots to 
show up on the DOS computer.  Is there anything I have overlooked that is not 
in the instructions ?  I have tried "TNC Remote"  "TNC Com", 9600 N 8 1 etc
    TIA   Stu        KC1F
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