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Re: [ct-user] F4 & F5 issues last contest

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Subject: Re: [ct-user] F4 & F5 issues last contest
From: Ken Wolff <ken@k1ea.com>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 11:34:44 -0500
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John Bednar wrote:

>Did anyone have problems with the latest version of CTWin when
>trying to return to the Run frequency with ALT-F4? I marked the run
>frequency with ALT-F5 and I even tried to type the frequency on the
>callsign line. That seemed to help once but it wasn't repeatable.
>I had problems on three stations during ARRL CW. They all used the
>same version of CTWin and the same keymap file. I just looked at the
>hex values in the keymap file and there was no error in the file.
>I just thought I'd check with the group before I dig deeper.
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The video driver on one of my machines intercepts ALT-F5  before it ever 
gets to the program, so ALT-F5 doesn't work. During the ARRL CW I 
sometimes forgot and started a new run frequency without returning from 
a spot.  Usually this happened after chasing a spot to another band, 
then dialing around to settle in. If I did this and chased a new spot, 
on return I would be on the wrong band. After I figured out what was 
going on, I got used to saving the new run freq in a second VFO in case 
I was "sent to the twilight zone" on return. I would just load VFO A 
from VFO B and life was  good again.

- Ken

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