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Subject: [ct-user] Where did it go
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 21:25:58 -0000
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I operated single band during the wpx. Somewhere around qso 150 the 'Summary' 
window disappeared. Alt-S would not bring it back. Also a restart did not bring 
it back. Somewhere around qso 250 CT began to slow down and by qso 300 it was a 
snails pace. There was almost a 1 second delay between pressing a function key 
and the cw being sent. I tried several restart/re-boot and nothing helped.
Here's the answer to all the 'easy' questions: I'm running the latest ver, my 
computer is faster than yours, I have more memory than you do, there is no 
'foo-foo' junk running in the background, I'm using XP.
Other interesting info when the 'Summary' window disappeared the CW midi pitch 
went way up around 1khz. When I start a dummie(like me) contest the Summary 
window is there, I can make it disappear and re-appear.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. The Summary window isn't important but it 
is a useful tool.

MAL              N7MAL
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