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[ct-user] Need help with tower

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Subject: [ct-user] Need help with tower
From: Al - N1API <n1api@cox.net>
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 20:53:40 -0400
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Does anyone know of someone in the central Connecticut area that does tower
work?  I need someone with a bucket truck who can help take down my tubular
tower so I can repair it.

The tower suffered storm damage and I need to get it down and replace the
spindle cap, mounting bracket and bearing.  It is supposed tilt over but the
point where the tilt occurs is where it is broken.  One the tower is 
down and
off the bracket I can work on the tower and believe that with a few local
hams can get the tower back up myself.

I need someone for probably a half a day preferably on a Saturday or
Sunday.  For some reason with the advent of cable TV all the "antenna"
and tower guys have gone onto other endeavors so there are few around.

If you know someone who can help please email me off the list n1api(at)
cox.net and I will pass my contact numbers.  It would be good if this
person could come over and get a look at the job, and possibly give some
suggestions on what I may have overlooked and what needs to be done.



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