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Re: [ct-user] CTWin 10.2.008: WAE log: How create cabrillo ?

To: Jim Reisert AD1C <jjreisert@alum.mit.edu>
Subject: Re: [ct-user] CTWin 10.2.008: WAE log: How create cabrillo ?
From: Marcus Busch [DL1EKC] <DL1EKC@Genion.de>
Reply-to: DL1EKC@Genion.de
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2005 14:04:11 +0200
List-post: <mailto:ct-user@contesting.com>
Hi All,
Hi Jim,

thanks for all the replies, some of them as PM. The WRITECAB command was 
new to me, but this doesn't solve the problem.

Some more experiments revealed the following:

WRITELOG writes ALL log files including the cabrillo.
WRITECAB writes only the cabrillo file.

This works for all my log files, including a dummy WAEE log. But this DOES 
NOT work for my hot WAE 2005 log.

As soon as I change the callsign to LX/DL1EKC/P in my dummy WAEE log, CT 
refuses to output a cabrillo file with this one, too.

Seems a bit strange to me. Also noticed, that the multipliers check sheet 
does list only a small subset of all worked multipliers.

Obviously the missing cabrillo has something to do with my CEPT call 
LX/DL1EKC/P. "/" cannot be used in filenames and might cause a file open 
error. But I do not get any error message. Just an idea ...    I remember 
this worked with CT3/DL1EKC/P and CT V9 in 2002.

> Just type:
>   LU6UO/R=LU
> into the callsign field and CT will resolve it.

This works great! A really neat feature. But CT forgets the setting every 
time I close it. How can I make my assignment permanent?

VY 73 de Marcus, DL1EKC

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