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[ct-user] NAQP Multi-Two Logging

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Subject: [ct-user] NAQP Multi-Two Logging
From: "Ted Bryant" <w4nz@comcast.net>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 22:49:57 -0500
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Planning to use CT for a multi-two operation in this weekend's NAQP SSB. We 
plan to have a Run
station with a tramsmit-interlocked S&P station on each of two bands at any one 
time, four stations
with four networked computers, total.  Rules require a sepatare log for each 
transmitter.  I
interpret this to mean a log for each trasmit pair in our situation.  With all 
the computers
networked (to get packet spots), all contacts are logged on each computer. What 
is the best way to
generate a log that meets the intent of the rules. Is it sufficient that the 
cabrillo log identifies
each transmitter (0 and 1)?

TIA for your advice
73, Ted W4NZ

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