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Subject: [ct-user] THUMB DRIVE USE
From: "k4pi" <k4pi@bellsouth.net>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 14:22:37 -0000
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I posted something a week or two ago asking about using some other drive 
than A on CTWIN.  Thanks to a friend of mine, N4SS, my computer guru, he 
gave me a procedure to make my little thumb drive A, although it normally 
shows up as drive E.  Below is kind of an abbreviated procedure to make the 
change.  It will remain changed even after power off and on.  Reverse the 
procedure to get it back to E if needed.

START->Right Click MY COMPUTER->Select MANGAGE->Select DISK 
MANAGEMENT->RIGHT CLICK on drive you want to change, ie E in my case-> 
Select CHANGE DRIVE LETTER & PATHS at the right_.Select CHANGE->At the pull 
down on the right select A->Select OK.

This procedure worked great for me as now I can use my USB thumb drive.  If 
anyone runs into trouble doing this I would be interested in what went wrong 
as maybe there are some hidden pitfalls I am not aware of.  73 Mike K4PI 

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