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[ct-user] Question of CO8LY

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Subject: [ct-user] Question of CO8LY
From: "Eduardo Somoano" <co8ly@frcscu.ciges.inf.cu>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 12:03:28 -0400
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Dear friends

I want to know in the place or moment that the commands are executed that
the symbol (-) and that they come in the help of the CT programs.

For example...

>> Start Up Switches Pg 1/3 <<        391

-2          Make the COM3 address 3E0
-AC        Enables control of ANTENNA
               relays thru Top Ten Devices
-CFG       Load differant CT.CFG file
-D           Loads Master.DTA to enable
               Super Check Partial (default)
-DEBUG  Enable Debuging Options
-DIGI        Use 8 port Digiboard on a
               single interrupt

I wait answer, thank you in advance.
73.- Eduardo. CO8LY

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