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[ct-user] DVP problems

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Subject: [ct-user] DVP problems
From: "Randy and Sue" <suran@comteck.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 07:40:14 -0400
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With the upcoming contest season nearing, I have been checking my equipment 
including the DVP. I will be participating in the CQP this weekend and want to 
have the
DVP for SSB portion.

My problem(s) are:
1) Not able to re-set the voice messages. The indicator turns, but the re-play 
is blank (the other indicator turns too)
2) Typing DVP in the field does nothing
3) Existing voice messages are weak (immediately upon
start-up, it seems loud, then fades)

I replaced the board last year and it worked fine. My shack
is heated, so no drastic temp changes happened. This is
a smoke-free shack
If anyone has suggestions or fixes....PLEASE let me know!

Many thanks and cu in the 'tests.
73's Randy N9AX

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