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[ct-user] CT WIN Inteface Questions

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Subject: [ct-user] CT WIN Inteface Questions
From: jpescatore@aol.com
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 15:51:30 -0500
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I'm getting a station on the air again after being QRT for 6 or 7 years. 
Everything is a bit different on the computer end now, so two interface 
questions with CT:

1. The Windows XP PC I have available to use with the station has a DB9 com 
port and a DB25 LPT port. I have a DB9 TS850 interface and a DB9 CW keying 
interface I used to use with CT, so one of them has to go onto the DB25. Since 
CTWIN says it will only key over LPT1, I want to put together an adapter cable 
for the DB25 LPT1 to the DB9 on my old keying interface. Is it just as simple 
as running DB9 pin 4 (DTR) to DB25 pin 17 (select) and carrying ground across? 
Or am I missing something?

2. When I use Alt-F1 in CT to change bands, it QSYs my 850 but always to the 
low end of the band. IE, if I'm on 14.040 and ALT-F1 to go to 40M, it sends the 
850 to 7.000 vs. whatever the last freq I used on 40 was. Also, changing bands 
on the 850 does *not* cause CT to change bands in the logging screen. I don't 
remember it working this way when I had older DOS version of CT interfaced to 
my 850 - or is that just how it works.

Thanks for any advice, John K3TN
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