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[ct-user] CTWin.EXE "Has Stopped Working" message

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Subject: [ct-user] CTWin.EXE "Has Stopped Working" message
From: WA2TEO@aol.com
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 10:45:00 EST
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I recently installed CT Version 10 on a new computer with a Vista OS. From  
some quick tests CT seemed to be working fine and I used it this weekend in the 
 VHF SS. A few hours into the contest I got an error message saying "CTWIN. 
EXE  has stopped working"  - Windows is looking for a solution. Then it 
required  me to close the program. I reopened and it worked fine. This happened 
a  couple of times and then later when it happened the error message 
reappeared  even after restarting CT. I rebooted the computer and CT worked. 
Late in the contests (800+ Q's in) the same message appeared. This time  
rebooting etc didn't do anything. When I open CT and the file for the contest 
looks fine but when I get to the actual logging page the error message 
appears.  I can see the regular page with my summary and last few q's but there 
is no 
 access as the error message shuts down CT. I'm hoping someone has a 
suggestion  for how I can access the log even if I can't reopen the program 
(the data 
seems  to be there as the summary is fine). When I try to open the Bin file I 
get an  error message saying Adobe Reader cannot open it.  Also, on a more 
general  basis does anyone know what might have caused this problem (Vista?). 
I've been  using CT for 15+ years on various computers and with different OS's 
without any  real issues. 
Jeff K1TEO

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