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[ct-user] Request for June VHF Contest Logs

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Subject: [ct-user] Request for June VHF Contest Logs
From: "Dave Zeph" <zephd@indy.rr.com>
Reply-to: zephd@indy.rr.com
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2010 23:21:15 -0400
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As many of you know, a couple of years ago I started generating a Database
for VHF Contests.  This is separate from the excellent Database maintained
by WA1Z.  This VHF Database was originally developed for use with Win-Test,
but it is available in a variety of formats useable with different Contest
logging programs.


The Database has grown to contain approximately 13,820 Callsigns.  It is now
available in the following formats:


.DTA   - Supports CT, N1MM, and Win-Test Super Check Partial

.DTB   - Supports Win-Test "Report Guessing"

.SCP   - Supports Super Check Partial

.CSV   - Comma Delimited Text

.XLS   - EXCEL File Sorted by Call

       - EXCEL File Sorted by Grid


The different formats may be downloaded at   www.k3lr.com/w9zrx/      .


A new version of the Database will be released before the July CQ VHF


By next year's June VHF Contest, I hope to have software that will scan
multiple logs and implement a "voting" system in an attempt to isolate
erroneous data.


If you would like to contribute your logs, please send me the same Cabrillo
format log that you submitted to the contest sponsor.  It doesn't have to be
a big log either -- every log helps.  If you have already sent me your logs,
there is no reason to send them again.  Logs are kept in confidence.  They
ARE NOT shared.


Simply add your log as an attachment to an email and send to
zephd@indy.rr.com . 



Thanks for your help .....




73 -- Dave, W9ZRX


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