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[ct-user] Correcting log errors

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Subject: [ct-user] Correcting log errors
From: Albert Woodhull <aswoodhull@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2011 09:07:33 -0700 (PDT)
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Our club used CT set up on laptops lent by a member. Unfortunately some of our 
operators made mistakes. In one interval someone "corrected" the time from UTC 
to EDT. This I was able to fix in POSTCONTEST mode.

On several occasions someone forgot to indicate a band change, which probably 
means we have more dupes than we had expected. I tried using the b2r utility 
program, editing the .res file, and converting back to binary, but this mangled 
some entries. Can someone tell me the meaning of each field in the .res text 
field? I think that was our problem. For instance there seem to be three fields 
that indicate the band, one for the meters designation and two for the 
frequency. But for 15 meters I see "17" in what should be the band column. And 
when I reconstitute the text file I have lost the FD class (2A, etc).

I may have a problem with a mix of versions of the CT program, which is CT 
10.03.002, and the conversion files in the same directory, which are b2r9 and 
r2b9. Thinking this might be a problem I tried to do the conversions on another 
workstation which had CTWin (10.something) installed. How can I identify the 
correct versions of utility programs? File sizes and dates might help.
Thanks in advance, 

Al, N1AW

Albert S. Woodhull
Leyden, Massachusetts

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