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Subject: [CQ-Contest] New VHF Super Partial Check Database Release forSept VHF Contest
From: "Dave Zeph" <zephd@indy.rr.com>
Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2011 05:00:26 -0400
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New versions of VHF Super Partial Check, and Prefill Databases for the ARRL
September VHF Contest are now available at:

www.k3lr.com/w9zrx/        (Make sure to enter the Trailing "/".


Release 2011.09.03.00  - Release Notes


Substantial improvements to the VHF Databases were implemented with this
Release.  To be included, a call must appear in 2 or more logs.  All calls
with an Occurrence Count = 1 were deleted.  This substantially reduced the
number of Not-Issued or "Busted" calls.

The second improvement is that after the Database Tables have been
generated, and the Calls with Occurrence Count=1 deleted, all remaining
calls were vetted against the QRZ Database using QRZ's XML Access.
Unfortunately the software only produces a list of calls that must then be
queried via the QRZ WEB Interface.  The XML and WEB Databases do not
necessarily contain the same information.  My thanks go again to John, N4XI
for the software improvements.

Lefty, K1TOL, once again extensively reviewed the Database and sent several
hundreds of corrections.

As a result, the number of calls in the Super Partial Check Database was
reduced from over 12,742 to 8,580, and the number of calls in the Prefill
Database was reduced from 12,339 to 8,166 calls.

While it's fresh in your mind, please send copies of your September Cabrillo
after the Contest.  There will no Release before the January VHF Contest.
The next Release will be before the June 2012 VHF Contest - at which time
the Database will be started from scratch with only 2010, 2011, and Jan 2012

The .DTA and .SCP Files support Super Check Partial for the CT, KC6TEU,
N1MM, NA, RoverLog, UcxLog, Win-Test, and WriteLog Contest Logging Software.

The N1MM File will allow the N1MM Software to Prefill the Grid Square.

The RoverLog.LUP file will allow the RoverLog Software to Prefill the Grid

The W3KM file will allow VHFLOG to Prefill the Grid Square.

The .DTB File supports the Win-Test Software "Exchange Guessing".

  File Name                            Contains                   Format

VHF_USA_CSV_20110903_00.zip      Calls + Grids Sorted by Call   .CSV File

VHF_USA_DTA_20110903_00.zip      Calls Only  - Sorted by Call   .DTA File

VHF_USA_DTB_20110903_00.zip      Calls + Grids - For Win-Test   .DTB File

VHF_USA_N1MM_20110903_00.zip     Calls + Grids - For N1MM       .CSV File 

VHF_USA_ROVERLOG_20110903_00.zip Calls + Grids - For RoverLog   .LUP File

VHF_USA_SCP_20110903_00.zip      Calls Only  - Sorted by Call   .SCP File 

VHF_USA_W3KM_20110903_00.zip     Calls + Grids - W3KM VHFLOG    ADIF File

Please E-Mail any additions or corrections to    zephd@indy.rr.com

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