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[ct-user] Call for July VHF Test Logs for SCP Database

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Subject: [ct-user] Call for July VHF Test Logs for SCP Database
From: "Dave Zeph" <zephd@indy.rr.com>
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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 13:59:04 -0400
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While you still have your Cabrillo file handy, please send me a copy for use in 
compiling the VH Super Check Partial (SCP) Database.  This is a complement to 
the excellent HF Contest SCP Database maintained by WA1Z.  

Logs are kept in confidence.  The previous year of logs is deleted when the 
June Database is released.  The various files can be found at     
www.k3lr.com/w9zrx/  .  The trailing “/ is required.  Cabrillo files should be 
E-Mail’ed to    zephd@indy.rr.com.

I’m still missing a lot of logs from the June Contest.  I know propagation was 
really good in June and I would like as many logs as possible.  I’ve yet to 
hear from some of my regular contributors.

The log processing software vets the calls in the Database against QRZ.COM’s 
XML Database in an attempt to determine Invalid Calls.  I’d also hoped it could 
be used to find Callsign Changes and the calls of –SK’s–.  The previous version 
of the XML Database did not contain this information.  However there is now a 
second version of the XML Database that does.  Unfortunately my good friend 
John Bennett, N4XI who wrote my Log Processing software passed away early 
Sunday.  I need to find someone knowledgeable of the Apache Server and 
PostgreSQL to help with a couple of modifications.

I had Rotator Cuff Surgery in May and recuperation is going well I think.  I 
have a much greater range of motion than expected at this point and it’s hard 
to avoid doing things I’m not supposed to do – like typing.  This one 
left-handed typing finger stuff is getting OLD!

73 → Dave, W9ZRX

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