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Subject: RE: [Karlnet] SNMP
From: "Eric Meth" <emeth@iescomm.on.ca>
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Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 15:22:18 -0400
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Setup SMTP in the Karlnet unit (it has to be a satellite, or base unit, not
the NDIS card). Make sure your "read only" password is public, and fire
away. I monitor my entire network like this. If your "read" password is
something different make sure you put that in your query from mrtg.
e.g. Your "read" password is "public" and your Karlnet unit has an IP of
"123.456.789.012" you would address it as public@123.456.789.012
Good luck. If you want to see it in action email me off list and I can point
you at one of my URLs
Eric Meth
IES Wireless
Cornwall, Ontario

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Can anyone point me to the snmp info necessary to get stats from a
Karlnet turbocell? I have mrtg already running and graphing stats from
my routers ... just wanted to add this to the page.


Larry Craddock

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