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[Karlnet] Backhaul Antennas

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Subject: [Karlnet] Backhaul Antennas
From: "Andy Thomas" <andy@goldrushwireless.com>
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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 10:02:10 -0800
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This is probably a little off-topic, but I am using Karlnet...

I had an Andrew 24 DB grid dish break in the last storm.  It's in a high-RF 
environment (big surprise), so I'm not convinced a Yagi is adsvisable.  This 
one broke at the connection between the 2 halves, so I think a one-piece would 
be best.  I think the grid idea is a good one on a windy hilltop.

Any suggestions?  

Andy Thomas
Goldrush Wireless Internet
(209) 736-0111 Ext. 1#
P.O. Box 934
Angels Camp, CA 95222-0934
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