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AW: [Karlnet] Bug in configurator when usin "secure"password

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Subject: AW: [Karlnet] Bug in configurator when usin "secure"password
From: "Horst Kubanik" <rave@nanet.at>
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Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 15:07:24 +0100
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A cupple of weeks ago!

I had a new 5.8 Ghz System for about 10 minutes! ;)

You must change the Flash!

I never use the secure Password again!


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Von: Dzevad Hadzic [mailto:zex@zex.biz] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 05. Jänner 2005 16:29
An: 'Karlnet Mailing List'
Betreff: [Karlnet] Bug in configurator when usin "secure"password

I enabled use secure configuration with configurator 5.02 and firmware
and after kn205 is rebooted, I can't anymore connect to it.
Configurator every time when I type password just disappeared.
Is this bug ? Does anyone have experience with this?

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