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[Karlnet] More on System Delays and Locks

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Subject: [Karlnet] More on System Delays and Locks
From: "Rick Snider" <rick@snider.org>
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Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 13:44:45 -0600
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I have read the "Lockups" threads -- here is a problem situation that
I would like some comments on.

The problem system is an assortment of RG1100, RG1000, KN100 and KN105
boards with Teletronic
200 Mwatt, Teletronic 100Mwatt, SMC 200 Mwatt, and Orinoco Silver cards. But
all running 4.46
firmware. AP is an AP-1000 repeater one hop from the main access point to
the internet.

Connection to the AP-1000 is 2.4 Ghz link with excellent RF Level (Ch 1 with
30+ SNR  each way)
and excellent ping time ( < 10 almost constant ).

All users have good to excellent SNR and can be pinged. So the system looks
stable and working. Users can ping the AP-1000 some times and some times

Now the scary part. Each user can get a web page to begin loading, but
always times out or
at best loads slowly. Confirmed speed tests from an assortment of users
24 K Bits/s downloads. System was running 10 to 12 times better for months.

I say scary, because from an external perspective if the users have good
radio signal, can be
looked at with the Karlnet Configurator, and all ping then I assume the
is fine. This was not true.

I swapped Radio Cards, AP-1000, and tried removing users from the system to
see if
a Client was causing the problem. Nothing improved even as I shut down all
users and
operated only one client with the AP-1000.

Final fix was moving all client radios and the AP to another channel ( Ch
9 ).

I then used Net Stumbler to look for RF on the original channel ( ch 11 ) in
the area
and found nothing.

On Ch 9 and Ch 11 the noise level at the AP-1000 is -73 DB. The typical
noise level
at each client is approximately -85 DB.

Any comments or similar experience.

Rick Snider, PE
Hillcountry Networks

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