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[na-user] NA v.10.04 and CW Sprint

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Subject: [na-user] NA v.10.04 and CW Sprint
From: ka8okh@SOM-UKY.CAMPUS.MCI.NET (Rich Dailey, KA8OKH)
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 23:03:37 -0300
Excellent software!

I received NA in the mail about a week before the NA CW sprint.  As the
contest demons would have it, it took me until 2 days before the contest to
install and bang on the software.

My setup is as follows - 

Computer - 486dx33 svga, 8mb, 540mb hd
Radio - Icom 765
tnc - mfj1278

Communications & stuff -

CW from com1, irq4, i/o 3f8 (homebrew cable)
TNC on com2, irq3, i/o 2f8, 4800/8/n/1
Radio on com3, irq5, i/o 3e8, 1200 baud (homebrew CI-V iface)
Ethernet board (ne2000) on irq 11, i/o 300

Results -

Everything installed fine and ran beautifully.  The only "anomalies" I ran into 
an occasional flash of the "OUT OF CONTEST BAND" message when tuning
the 765, and a 2 second decrement of the clock that seemed to occur right at
program start up... neither affected operation.  I was even running my Novell
peer to peer networking (NWLite 1.1), and loaded NA from my other computer
without any problem (although this serves no real purpose - to the best of my
knowledge NO contest logging program networks with Novell).

And oh yeah... practice mode, as well as the ALT-V cw speed features are nice!
Just found out about them while reading the manual today (c'mon - you didn't
think I read it before the contest!).

I'm happy.... Rich

Rich Dailey - KA8OKH <>
Somerset Electronics Co. - Somerset, KY
Expert repair on all major brands of CATV line/headend, & TVRO equipment.
Opinions expressed here are of my own unique design.

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