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Subject: [na-user] NA 10.06....
From: (John_Bednar)
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 96 08:28:54 EDT
I downloaded NA 10.06 and found the following glitches. These may
have existed in older versions.

- Auto partial (autocheck) must be enabled for this to appear. Once
  the Partial call window appears it prevents ALT-O from placing
  the packet window on top. When this is fixed Alt-T, PageUp/PageDn
  operation should also be checked. Alt-H does overwrite the Partial 
  call window cprrectly. After trying Alt-H,Alt-O, Alt-T, PageUp, and
  PageDn for awhile, the program gets into a mode where hitting F8 
  brings up the help window instead of the Partial call window! 

- If the radio is enabled but turned off (or cable disconnected),
  ALT-F1/ALT-F2 doesn't change program bands.

- If the dx cluster is requested to list packet spots, all spots are
  duplicated in the Announce window even if they are identical.

Has anyone verified that the band map display works as intended? So
far I haven't seen any packet spots appear in the Band map display
just the announce window.

John, WB3ESS

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