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[na-user] Again TS570 Cw Keying

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Subject: [na-user] Again TS570 Cw Keying
From: a.yoshida" < (a.yoshida)
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 18:20:39 +0900
Hello friends
These are another reports on TS570 CW Keying.
First of all, in Japan first model is TS570S and second model is TS570SG.
I have no idea on TS570D.

   a.CW Keying is very poor with both internal keyer and external keyer
     on polling.
     It is unbelievable that keying is distorted without polling. It occures
once or
     twice in a few minutes.
   b.Higher bould rate makes a better keying, and it is not perfect but
almost OK
     under 57600 bps.
   a.CW Keying seemes OK and perfect now !!  I will check more and report
     anything on the reflecter.

I have checked TS570S for 3 weeks and new TS570SG has just arrived here
Kenwwod technical servise says that TS570SG has new MPU and it costs about
\20K for version up from S to SG.

73 and Happy New Year !

       ja1nlx    A.Yoshida

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