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[NA-User] Lock-Up Problems

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Subject: [NA-User] Lock-Up Problems
From: "Robert Pack (NX5M)" <>
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 11:04:24 -0500
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Just as in WPX CW, in IARU we had the same problems with the computer locking 
up at the 20m station when a dupe call was entered and the spacebar was 
pressed.  Also, when a gab message was recieved by the 20m station/computer, 
that would lock things up as well.
First attempt, as suggested by others back in late May, disable the BEEP ON 
DUPLICATE function.  This made not difference.
Second attempt, as suggested by K8DD, turn off RADIO 1 control.
This seemed to certainly stop the dupe lockup issues.  However, a gab message 
ended up being sent late last night which resulted in another lockup at the 
instant the message displayed.
Another issue popped up twice in IARU that also happend in WPX CW.  The 10m 
station computer went back to 160SSB twice.  RF related the most likely reason 
but this even after I installed toroids on the rig/computer interface cable.
I know it is not a 10.61 issue because the same thing happened when we shut 
down in wpx and went back to 10.59.
IF the problem on the 20m station is rf and somehow related to the rig control, 
then why does this only happen when a dupe is entered or a gab message is 
The one thing I did not do is to totally disconnect the rig interface 
cable......too tired so I guess I just never thought about doing that until 
after the contest was over.
What do I do next?  Here are some options I have.....
1.  Replace the rig control cable on the 20m station with a seriously shielded 
and better cable.
2.  Replace the LOOP network cables with seriously shielded and better cables.
3.  Do away with the LOOP and go back to the LINK since this never happened 
before the LOOP was installed.
4.  Add more toroids to the rig control cable on the 10m station.
5.  Totally re-route all the LINK network cables.
6.  Get out of a hobby that is fun but also frustrating me at times.
Any other ideas?

Just FYI-  The radios are FT1000D (40m), FT1000MPmkV (20m), FT990 (10m/160m), 
FT990 (15m/80m)
The FT1000's are plug and play with serial cables while the 990's are using the 
K1NU interface.
The central hub for all the computers is under a table with two amplifiers on 
top (Alpha/Ameritron).
All computers are running under DOS (no windows).

Please drop me a note if you think of anything that I have not thought of.

Bob NX5M

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