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Subject: [Orion] ORION audio
From: "Larry Emery" <k1uo@prexar.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 15:12:09 -0500
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Well, the weekends contest brought out a couple problems I had not
previously noted on my ORION.  Probably because 99% of my operating
was either listening to SSB or operating CW!     All noted with
version 1.363 installed at the time.
I discovered a constant Hiss and tinny sound in the audio monitor
that, no matter what settings I used, I just could NOT get rid of.  I
did discover a master reset would clear up this anomily for a while
but eventually it came back.

I also discovered that ,when using the HEIL Proset Plus with this rig,
I could NOT drive the mic circuit enough to even flicker the ALC light
without turning on the Processor.  Also, the onboard analog meter did
not even come close to following the transmitted voice.  It bounced
erratically from nearly full scale steady to a slow decline toward
zero (almost like a static drainoff response) and I could never
correlate it to my actual speech into the mic.  I wonder what type
headset people are finding acceptable with the ORION?

This morning after loading formware version 1.365 , I discovered the
transmitted audio was now actually distorting, could hear the much
worse audio in the monitor (through the tinny sound and Hiss)  and
promptly received on air reports immediately confirming what I was
I reported this information to Ten-Tec and they also suggested I send
in the ORION ....which I have reluctantly done.

I can recall someone else posting an audio board problem on one of the
ORION reflectors but was not able to find if it was the same problem.

As far as the receiver performed during this weekend's contest

I'll post whatever Ten-Tec finds.

Larry K1UO

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