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[RFI] Re: Best Low-Pass Filter?

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Subject: [RFI] Re: Best Low-Pass Filter?
From: Marty Tippin <martyt@pobox.com> (Marty Tippin)
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 17:45:33 -0500
At 11:45 PM 08/21/98 -0400, martyt@pobox.com wrote:
>Wondering what the consensus is regarding the best currently available
>low-pass filter?  

Thanks to all who responded - I got many more replies than I expected!

The majority of responders (and there were plenty) said the ICE (Industrial
Communication Engineers) low-pass filter is by far the best of those
currently on the market.  Several indicated that the neighbor's TVI problem
was probably fundamental overload in his TV set rather than harmonics from
my rig - nevertheless, I'll probably pick up one of the ICE filters for
good measure since it isn't too expensive and can't hurt anything.

I can only hope that the quality of that filter is better than the TV
high-pass/AC-Line filter combo I bought from ICE a month or so ago.  The
first one they sent me appeared to be a used one or a prototype - the power
cord was grungy and the case generally appeared like it had been sitting
around for some time - dusty, grungy, not something you'd be proud to
own...  Upon inspecting the inside of the case, I found a large piece of
solder wire rattling around inside, which could have played havoc if it had
shorted across the AC line.  The unit they replaced it with wasn't much
better - I inspected its construction and found one of the capacitors on
the TVI filter was soldered on only one lead.  So I wrote a long letter
when I sent the original back but never heard from them - I doubt the
letter made it past the person who opened the box... 

If I do order an ICE low-pass filter, you can bet I'll be checking it over
thoroughly before I put it in service...

Thanks again for all the replies!

-Marty KI0LO

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