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[RFI] Follow-up static

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Subject: [RFI] Follow-up static
From: kboswell@aetn.org (Kelly Boswell) (Kelly Boswell)
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 07:40:48 -0600
>>Found the source of the static.  Utility pole 100 feet away.  The neutral wire
to a transformer primary was "fuzzing".  (The utility's term, not mine.)

>>Noise level dropped to S2.


>>Thanks to all who responded.

It is certainly nice get rid of that static problem.  Another benefit is a
reduction in RFI.  Previously, anything over 50 watts created such interference
my neighbor couldn't use the telephone, watch TV or listen to the radio.  Now,
she says there is no interference at all--even at 500 watts.  Which brings up
the question, why is that?  How could a bad neutral connection, (no, not
ground) a hundred feet away increase the RFI to a neighbor less than twenty
feet away? 
Any thoughts?

Kelly, KA5MGL

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