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Subject: [RFI] more rfi
From: Norell Bennett W." <bnorell@lge.co.kr (Norell Bennett W.)
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 15:36:54 EST

I have the same/similar complaints from wife and most recently
from neighbor on tvi and phone interference. I have a couple
of basic questions, based on previous postings to this newsgroup.

In your installation of ferrites on you speaker leads inside the
a) was the symptom just audio interference, or video as well?
b) from your answer to a foreign ham inquiring, and you asked about
   ferrites from a local Radio Shack, do you mean the pull apart
   rectangular ferrites from R/S is what you used? if so how many
   in your particular case?

c) Both on 49MHz phones and now on 900MHz phones, I give my own
   phones interference. Even on sideband, they can hear and under
   stand what I say.  I installed 2 R/S inline filters, but they
   didn't seem to help much. These phones all use AC adaptors,
   and I even put a R/S ferrite on the AC adaptors, to no avail.

d) My neighbor mentioned to me yesterday that she had some inter-
   ference on her phone and thought it was possibly a nearby 
   CBer (or so she was so polite to say). But after her describing
   the one-way talking she could hear, I knew she was listening to
   me on either 6m or 2m.  She is using a Bell touchtone phone, not
   wireless. She contacted the phone company and they said they would
   come and check it out, but if it was a CBer, they would contact
   the FCC to investigate. Also said recently had some tv interference,
   and she has cable.

e) Depending on channel, my antenna position and band, I give my
   tv's tvi. I also give my PC (up 2 floors from the basement where my 
   radios are) interference in case of the small external speakers
   (no ferrites seem to help) as well as killing a modem connection
   if in use.

In addition to the prolonged description of my symptoms, let me
add a question as well as my setup.
a) Why can my wife and neighbor not only hear me but also 
   understand my voice, even though I am using SSB. Even a regular
   SW radio has a garbled sound unless it has a BFO or USB/LSB switch?

b) I have no external filters on my 6m radio (an icom 756 with 100w),
   connected to an ARRL book-designed 4 element beam at 50ft.  I 
   also have a 2m radio (icom 275a with brick amp to 150w) to 
   an 11 element beam at 58ft.  My hf radio (also the 756) has
   a low pass filter on the hf antenna port.  All is grounded 
   pretty well (6 feet under foundation directly behind radio, 5ft
   away to main cold water pipe, and 12 ft away to 8ft solid copper
   rod in good moist soil.  I have a number of CRT yoke ferrite
   cores and 1.5" ferrite cubes and R/S ferrites on all my cables,
   but still have significant interference.

I know I may not get easy answers, but I would like some further
direction or process if you have a moment to share.  I am sure
at least of few other readers have one or more of the problems 
I have described.

Bennett ko2ok,
in northern NJ.

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