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Subject: [RFI] Cable TV
From: k9huh@icss.net (Ted & Joyce Wilhelm) (Ted & Joyce Wilhelm)
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 07:42:09 -0600
This is for Dan WA0JRD or anybody else who might be trying for his
WAN award via cable TV....Just finished a big battle with some of my
neighbors over this same situation and it got so nasty that a fgew of
them even filed a petition with the city council to have me remove my
tower..City council ignored that but did ask if I would help them...I
called the local cable server "TCI" and spoke to their head technician 
after arguing with the telephone answering girl who didn't think I
needed to talk with him...Anyway when I finally got to talk to him he
told me that they had taken leak tests in my neighborhood and tryied to
tell me there equipment was OK....WRONG....After much insistance I
finally got him to send a crew out while I was at home and on the
all of a sudden they started finding leaks....We found leaks in old coax
within homes...We found leaks in splitters(radio shack ones are great
for this)..We found leaks at the drops and just about everywhere you can
imagine...Most of this was found by jumpping directly from the hard line
to the TV and a long process of elimanation....With a lot of time spent
and continually forcing them to admit I was right and they were wrong My
neighbors now enjoy their TV's while I am on the air...DON'T let cable
blow you off ....I found most of their employees to be cable runners and
had no idea of what was going on including the so called head
technican.....Also the ARRL has a vast amount of info availabe to help
you explain to your neighbors it is not your problem but it is their
equipment that is functioning improperly and acting like a radio
reciever and picking up your signals.....Good Luck if I can help in any
way just ask....Been there done that
73 Ted Wilhelm

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