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[RFI] More noise

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Subject: [RFI] More noise
From: Tim Duffy <tduffy@sygnet.com> (Tim Duffy)
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 14:14:41 -0800
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Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 11:25:35 -0400
From: Jim Idelson <jimi@designet.com>
Subject: re[2]: [RFI] re: Mystery Noise
To: "Mike A. King" <scsueepe@mtcnet.net>
cc: RFI Reflector <rfi@contesting.com>
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Basically, the idea is to listen for the noise using AM detection and a
directional antenna. The noise is likely to be stronger at lower 
so you start listening there. As you get closer to the source, the 
gets so strong that you can't DF it any more. So, you listen at a 
frequency where the signal strength is lower. People seem to agree that 
small yagi or DF loop connected to a portable shortwave/VHF receiver is
a good combination. Some suggest an aircraft band receiver. Others say
you can use a 2m HT or a small portable TV for the VHF receiver.

I think all this stuff is described pretty well in the RFI Handbook 
from the
ARRL. Good luck. Be subtle. Don't forget to bring your sledge hammer 
and explosives.


Hi Jim,

Just been reading the mail on this one...hehe, I loved your responces. 
and #4)

Anyway, I have a similar situation where I have no idea where the S9 
is coming from, intermittant in nature.  The noise seems to have very 
spikes that last a millisecond at a time for a few minuts before it 
turns on
full blast for minuts at a time, then it is gone.  I really believe 
that it
is not coming from within my QTH.  Also, all our power lines, CATV and
Telephone lines are underground in town here, so I am ruling out that 
except lighting poles and the HID metal halid or high pressure sodium 

It never used to effect me on 10M, so I really did not worry about it
because that is where I mainly operated.  It did seem to effect 15, 20, 
etc, but the noise blankers on my FT1000MP did a fairly good job.

Well, now with the noise on 10M, I am really concerned.  The MP is not 
real mobile rig, so driving that thing around town to hunt the noise 
was not
a good solution.  I have purchased a FT847 for the UHF and VHF 
capability, I
guess I will use that rig for tracking around town, hope that helps me 
Hate to think I got that thing just for tracking noise.....

In lieu of that, I was wondering what kind of good advice you received 
direction finding, antennas etc.  I am going to have to go that route
apparently.  If you have the time, I would appreciate it if could give 
the skinny....

Take care and good luck to you sir.

Mike - KM0T

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From: Jim Idelson <jimi@designet.com>
To: RFI Reflector <rfi@contesting.com>
To: <rfi@contesting.com>
Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 9:46 AM
Subject: [RFI] re: Mystery Noise

>Hi everybody,
>Thanks to all who responded to my call for assistance. I received so
>many messages, I need to respond to you as a group - not individually.
>1. To those of you who gave me ideas on how to track the noise more
>accurately with a receiver and DF antenna, I'm collecting the stuff 
>waiting patiently for the noise to return so I can run out in the cold 
>tracks in the snow. See Note 1 below.
>2. And those of you who suggested the kinds of appliances that
>might be emanating the noise were very creative. I'll be  on the 
>an aquarium equipped with a pump, thermostat, flourescent lighting on 
dimmer and, of course, a doorbell. Waiting patiently for the noise to
>See Note 1 below.
>3. Many of you focused on ways to handle the sensitive situation
>with these neighbors. Getting the power company involved in the 
>[and focusing on the idea that we are eliminating the strong 
>the noisy device might actually cause the neighbors' house to burn to 
>ground] is a stroke of brilliance.
> And some of you suggested that I might mount a counteroffensive
>strategy using penetrating RF fields or just the right amount of 
>material. I sure wish you guys had been at my public hearings a couple 
>months ago. I would definitely have asked you to handle the most 
>4. One message came through a bit garbled. Am I supposed to hit
>the utility pole or the neighbor with the sledge hammer?
>Note 1: I fully expect the noise to return only in the midst of a 200 
>QSO/hour run in the upcoming ARRL DX Contest.
>Jim K1IR
>The Information Resource for Conferencing Professionals
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>DesigNET International, Inc.
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The Information Resource for Conferencing Professionals
James S. Idelson
DesigNET International, Inc.
96 Morse Road
Sudbury, Massachusetts USA 01776

tel     978.443.5549
fax     978.443.2034
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