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[RFI] What Frequency to Suppress

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Subject: [RFI] What Frequency to Suppress
From: Eric Gustafson <n7cl@mmsi.com> (Eric Gustafson)
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 08:46:45 -0700

Hi Randy,

You wnat to optimize the suppression at the frequencies that
offend you.

Also, don't forget to apply the fix to _all_ of the wires leaving
the TV set right at the set.  AC power, S-video connection to VCR,
antenna feedline, audio connectiions to entertainment center amps
or external speakers, etc., etc. all need to have the noise
currents suppressed before they get on to a long conductor and
can radiate efficiently.

73, Eric  N7CL

>From: "WX5L" <wx5l@home.com>
To: <rfi@contesting.com>
>Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 08:07:30 -0500
>I am trying to suppress raspy horizontal oscillator noise being
>generated at 15.75 KHZ in my neighbors TV. This raspy signal is
>rich in harmonics and migrates in to the HF band as it is
>back-fed into the cable lead and acting as an antenna .
>In-line filters do not work but I have had some success with
>toroids. My question is do I get toroids that have better
>suppression characteristics below 1 Mhz, nearer the fundamental
>or get toroids that have better suppression at HF frequencies
>where the listening frequency is located. These toroids would be
>placed at the cable TV input.
>New Orleans, Louisiana

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