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[RFI] RFI] PC Reboot Problem

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Subject: [RFI] RFI] PC Reboot Problem
From: BJ3684@aol.com (BJ3684@aol.com)
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 13:07:17 EDT
one quick way to isolate the suggested voltage problem from the blower motor, 
would be to get your hands on a Voltmeter which has a "peak hold minus and 
plus" feature.
Hanging the VM on the AC source at the computer, and setting it to hold a 
minus peak reading will prove out to you whether the voltage took a low spike 
or not.

I've used this method numerous times in my car to prove out voltage problems 
which cannot be seen by the human eye.

good luck
Bob K2YGM     bj3684@aol.com

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