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[RFI] 6M Telephone Interference - Computer Speakers too

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Subject: [RFI] 6M Telephone Interference - Computer Speakers too
From: Mike A. King - KM0T" <scsueepe@mtcnet.net (Mike A. King - KM0T)
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 08:57:45 -0600
Hi all on the reflector.  I know that this has been discussed before, and I
have searched a portion of the archives, just out of time due to work, want
to get some stuff ordered for delivery early next week.

Can someone point me in the proper directrion for the correct K-com or
similar filters for Telephone problems on 6M, as well as the proper ferrite
material toriods, or split beads for 6M computer speaker interfearence.

The folks next door are experiencing interfearence to their phones and
computer speakers.  Apprently only on 6M.  I am running only 100 watts
there, appears to be most prominent when the beam is pointed at them.

I wrapped split torriods from MFJ around the ac cord and signal cable for
the computer speakers, did not help.

The telephone interference is said that one cant hardly hear through the
garble from my signal.  He also said that he could hear me on his 900 Mhz
cordless, so that must be coming in through the ac line, I think anyway.

So any help appreciated on best filter and type, or manufactuer - link to,
etc.  Will check my email when I get back from work today.

Hope you folks can give me a hand.

73 - Mike - KM0T

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