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Subject: [RFI] Electrical Noise RFI
From: Dana Roode <K6NR@ARRL.net> (Dana Roode)
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 21:57:58 -0800
RFI Folk,

I described my electrical noise problem a few weeks back on the
reflector - thanks for the input thus far.  My really-bad noise went
away by itself (for now), but I am left with a fairly high noise on
the higher bands, and a particularly bad noise on 80m.  Tonight I did
some "noise prospecting", driving around in my car with my IC706
connected to a 80m ham stick whip.  Here's what I know:

*) Listening with my 35' top-loaded vertical on 80m from home, I have
S8-9 noise at both the low end of 80m (3500) and the phone band
(3800).  There is a distinct peak in noise (S9+10db) at about 3527, I
assume from one of those nice wireless network outlets we've heard
about.  The noise sounds like very intense "white noise".  At times it
pulsates, getting stronger every 1 second or so, then weaker.

*) As I drove around with my IC706+hamstick, the only peaks in noise
listening at 3496 were in the major intersections near me with traffic
lights (each about 1/5 of a mile away from my home) and in the local
grocery store shopping center (about 3/4 of a mile away).  The minimum
noise was about S2-3 on the 706, the traffic lights were S9->S9+10,
and the shopping center about S9+10.

*) Listening at 3527, I did find a 30db over 9 peak on one particular
street in one location.  Guess I know where approximately my friend
with the wireless outlet lives.

I have an AR8000 .5-2000mhz portable receiver, and happened to have a
little 5 element 1296 mhz beam.  Just for kicks, I took it down to the
traffic light and poked around.  I didnt hear much at all on 1296 mhz
SSB, *except* I found a very sharp peak - from underneath the concrete
below the signal pole on the corner I was listening from.


*) Is it possible the outlet on 3527 is causing noise on 3500 and 3800
as well?

*) Has anyone had any experience with noisey traffic signals?  When I
mobile around the city here in Irvine, every intersection is noisey on
HF as I drive through.  Should I call the City?  Will they care?

Any input welcome!  I can record the noise and put it up on the Web if
thats helpful.

    Dana, K6NR

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