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[RFI] What next?

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Subject: [RFI] What next?
From: EDWARDS, EDDIE J" <eedwards@oppd.com (EDWARDS, EDDIE J)
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 16:57:46 -0600
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> From: David C. Cleveland [SMTP:ki0nd@sprynet.com]
> Well I could really use some reassurance from the list.  
> I have no problems until the 10 meter contest when the nextdoor
> neighbor comes over to complain that I'm getting into her phone, TV, and
> computer, and that she had a similar experience when I operated during the
> November Sweeps. I immediately stopped operating.  I purchased a Radio
> Shack
> TVI filter (RSU 11437571)([Ed-K0iL] This won't help much if it's audio
> rectification)
>  and found excellent results on my TV closest to
> the antenna (no problems elsewhere in the house).  I did not give one to
> my
> neighbor at that time.  I operated QRP in the NAQP without complaints.
> Thinking I had the problem licked, I started operating more frequently,
> and
> at QRP power levels.  I was in a ragchew with a California station (QRP)
> on
> Sunday when my wife took the call that the neighbor was receiving
> interference in her phones and that she apparently had some during the
> I ended the QSO.  Today, in response to that incident, I brought over to
> her
> the letter below as well as the indicated equipment for her to install.
> Her
> tone was hostile, refused to take the equipment, (though she did take the
> letter, FCC and ARRL materials) and stated  "The problem isn't my phone
> but
> your hobby!"
        [Ed-K0iL]  My response to her at that point would be this:
        "The problem IS your telephone since telephones are NOT supposed to
nor designed to receive any radio signals!  It IS operating defectively!
I'm willing to help solve YOUR problem as a good neighbor if you'll accept
my help.  It's up to you."  Then if she says stick it, give her the FCC's
800 number: 888-CALL FCC.

        The problem with this is she will get very frustrated when
contacting the FCC and they tell her they "no longer handle RFI issues."
Out of frustration she may then take it to court if she has more money than
sense.  She will lose of coarse, but it'll cost you too!  So what I'm trying
to say is don't just give her the FCC number and walk away never contacting
her again.  Follow up after you've operated QRO for awhile.  Tell might her
you're allowed to operate at ten times the level you're at now, but will
continue at 100 watts for the time being until the proper filtering is
installed on her equipment.

> The question is: What next?
        [Ed-K0iL]  Tell her you are willing to help resolve the problem
whenever she is ready to accept your help; otherwise, refer her to a
electronics repair shop and to the telephone company to get proper filtering
for her equipment.  Also explain that your equipment already has the proper
filtering (Low pass) installed to eliminate unwanted electronic interactions
(RFI).  It does, right?
> Do I go on and operate with a clear conscience?
        [Ed-K0iL]  Heck YES!  It'll be the only way to get her back to the
table to discuss resolving the problems.
> Cease operation altogether?
        [Ed-K0iL]  HECK NO! (See above)
> Operate only QRP?
        [Ed-K0iL]  HECK NO! (See above)
> How have others of you dealt with neighbors who just don't care?
        [Ed-K0iL]  Told them exactly what I told you above.  The teenage
girls next door never said a word until a friend of theirs coaxed them into
complaining one day (in the middle of CQWW).  I have never heard from their
father at all on this.  I mow his front lawn regular every summer since he
won't do it but 2 or 3 times a year.  Anyway, I explained to the girls that
telephones are not designed to pick up radio signals and asked if it picks
up any other signals.  I then refered them to US West since it is clearly a
telephone system problem.  They also mentioned RFI to a stereo.  I said I
could help with that some other time--just give me a call some weekend when
I'm home.  They never did!  Now they've graduated school and moved out, and
I still mow their dad's lawn.  And he doesn't complain about anything!

> Please advise, encourage, criticize, or gloat.....
        [Ed-K0iL]  David, your RFI letter has got to be one of the best
letters I have ever read!  BRAVO!  You must do this sort of thing for a
living, don't you.  
        Is it OK if I save this for future use in a similar situation if

        You may want to get a non-involved 3rd party involved as a liason
between you and your neighbor.  Perhaps the local ham club has an RFI
committee who could help out.  They could monitor her equipment while you
operate and provide feedback as to the possible problem (probably audio
rectification) and solutions.  Of course Karen will have to agree to all of
this, but it's worth trying.  Good luck!

        de ed -K0iL

> v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v letter sent v v v v v v v v v v v v
> v
> v v v v v v v v v v
>                                                       31, January  2000
> 825 Steele Street
> Denver, CO  80206
> Dear Karen,
>    I'm sorry to hear that you are still having interference problems when
> I
> transmit.  I thought we had the problem licked when I reduced power, but
> your experience on Sunday proves otherwise.
> I've enclosed copies of a few items that will help you understand what is
> going on, and why the interference is happening to you.  Three of the
> handouts (Appendix B, Appendix C, and the FCC Public notice ) are copies
> of
> publications directly from the FCC, the fourth is a self-help guide for
> the
> consumer published jointly by the ARRL (an organization representing
> amateur
> radio operators), and the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association
> (CEMA).  Please read them as they provide valuable guidance.
> I've also enclosed for you 3 other items.  The first is a High Pass Filter
> for your TV (Radio Shack Item #RSU 11437571), it should block the signals
> from my station from getting into your TV and should be placed between the
> TV and the cable connection, the instructions will show you what you need
> to
> do.  I've also included a male to male coax adapter you will more than
> likely need for the installation.   Secondly, I've supplied you with a new
> telephone (Radio Shack #43-591). This phone has been reported to be better
> at rejecting interference than others on the market.  Please try this
> phone
> the next time you encounter interference. If it does not work, I'll bring
> over another phone that I know will reject the interference.  The third
> item
> is a telephone RFI filter (Radio Shack #43-150). Simply connect the filter
> to the modular jack on the phone, and the phone line into the filter.
> With
> the new phone and the filter, you should be able to have your normal phone
> conversations while I'm on the air.
> Since the above equipment has cost me nearly $70, I am considering this a
> long-term loan.  If you were to ever leave the house, I'd appreciate their
> return so that any new owner could use them.  Of course if you'd like to
> purchase them, I'd be more than happy to provide receipts.
> As for your computer, I don't know what is happening so I don't know how
> it
> can be cured.  If the problem is just audio, there are some ferrite cores
> that can be attached to the speaker wires that should fix the problem, if
> video is the problem, the same ferrite cores might be placed on the cable
> to
> the monitor.
> Once again, I'm sorry about the problems that you are having, and rest
> assured that my station is operating within my licensed parameters, and I
> will work with you to the limit of my responsibilities and prudent
> practice
> to help you solve the problems on your end.  As we say in amateur radio,
> 73
> (best regards),
> Sincerely,
> David C. Cleveland
> ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ end of letter^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
> ^
> ^ ^ ^

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