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[RFI] Monitor RFI questions

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Subject: [RFI] Monitor RFI questions
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 18:13:49 -0400 (EDT)
I was wondering if anybody knows anything about the new Flat monitors ?
are they better and do they emit alot of garbage like the regular monitors?
I use a NEC  C-400 right now and it is the most quiet one I have owned in
the past but it still gives me alot of noise here and there, if the flat
screen is good I would definetely get one , I am using the monitor with
a digital data decoder a Universal M-8000 and a Icom R8500 it seems a shame
to spend so much money and get so much interference from just the monitor.

If anybody has any ideas I am willing to listen (the RF Super shield spray
didn,t work in my case but I am sure it is good stuff) Torroids, Ferrites
I haven,t tried yet, could the DB-15 video cable be radiating ?? would these 
help?? One good thing about the C-400 and 500 is the video cable is not
hard wired.     Thanks in advance for any ideas  
(is there such a thing as the perfect quiet monitor??)

Mark Zavatsky  K1ZZZ         MZAVATSKY@fair1.fairfield.edu

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